Looking Ahead to 2021: Implications of a Change in Administration on Environmental Policy

    View Author November 2020

    The tumultuous presidential election is working its way to a close and, while the vote counting and litigation continue, we evaluate below the implications of a change in Administration on environmental policy in the US.

    The environmental policy agenda to be advanced by a Biden Administration will be a marked contrast to that of the current Administration. The Biden environmental policy agenda includes, at front and center, a Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution to address climate change at the federal level and reengage with the global community to effect reductions in greenhouse gases; a greater focus on environmental justice and more significant enforcement; the likely revisiting of the Trump Administration’s executive orders and regulatory rollbacks; and a fundamentally different view from the Trump Administration on how to evaluate chemicals risks, with material ramifications on ongoing efforts under the Toxic Substances Control Act and the Clean Air Act.