The UK’s New Points-based Immigration System: Home Office Guidance Is Published

    View Author November 2020

    Following the publication of its new Immigration Rules (on which we previously commented here), the Home Office has, at last, published its guidance for sponsoring workers under the UK’s new points-based immigration system. The system will apply to workers from outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland (together, for the purpose of this note, the EEA), as well as EEA (excluding Irish) nationals who arrive in the UK after 11 p.m. on 31 December 2020. The Home Office guidance provides the practical detail needed by sponsors to navigate a system that, with a few exceptions, will be open for applications from 9 a.m. on 1 December 2020. Where EEA nationals apply under the new system from outside the UK before 11 p.m. on 31 December 2020, any entry clearance granted will take effect from 1 January 2021, at the earliest. In most cases, EEA nationals will not be able to apply under the new system from within the UK until after 11 p.m. on 31 December 2020.