UK Government Publishes Detailed Guidance on Extended Furlough Scheme

    View Author November 2020

    Late yesterday, the government published its detailed guidance on the extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS).

    As expected, the guidance (all 13 different bits of it!) largely reflects what was contained in the policy paper issued last week, only in slightly more detail, and is broadly the same as the previous CJRS guidance. Once again, we get the impression that the guidance was issued in haste, as it is littered with typos, what we assume are drafting errors (take a look at the TUPE question below!), and sometimes what is said in one part of the guidance is slightly different from what is said in another. The government really isn’t making this easy for employers! There must be a strong argument for having all the guidance in one document, or at least one central location where you can find it all, even if you do not then understand how it all fits together.

    We have updated our “quick guide” to reflect the updated guidance.