UK Gender Pay Gap: Reporting Obligations Back On For 2020/21

    View Author January 2021

    Businesses in Great Britain with 250 employees or more are required to publish information annually showing the difference in average pay between their male and female employees – the “gender pay gap” (GPG).

    Last year, the reporting obligation was suspended due to the additional pressures placed on employers by the COVID-19 pandemic, but as anticipated (see our recent blog on this issue), the government’s updated gender pay gap reporting guidance confirms, sort of, that employers will be expected to report their gender pay gap figures for the reporting year 2020/21. Rather unhelpfully, the updated guidance does not expressly state (at the top or elsewhere) that the reporting obligations are back on. It is more a case that there is nothing in there to say that employers will not be required to report this year, and some of the examples used also clearly anticipate that employers will be required to report this year. It is not impossible that adverse developments in the fight against the pandemic may lead this to be shelved again, but the odds are very much against it. Affected employers should, therefore, ensure they are collating and analysing their data now, with the 4 April 2021 deadline firmly in their calendars.