Navigating the Road Ahead: The Impact of Brexit on E-commerce

    View Author February 2021

    Our Impact of Brexit on E-commerce guide highlights the key questions all e-retailers need to consider in relation to UK/EU e-commerce, being:

    • Do the goods being sold by UK e-retailers in the EU (and vice versa) qualify for free trade?
    • Will double tariffs be payable when stock that is imported into the UK from outside the EU is re-exported from the UK to customers in the EU (and vice versa)?
    • What needs to be done to prove the origin of goods?
    • Who pays any resulting tariffs?
    • How are tariffs calculated if they are payable? 
    • To what extent is e-commerce exempted from tariffs?  
    • What customs paperwork needs to be completed?
    • What is the overall impact on e-commerce operations?
    • When is VAT payable?

    The EU/UK trade deal does remain subject to the need for it to be approved by the EU Council and EU Parliament, which is anticipated by 28 February 2021. Until 28 February 2021, the EU/UK Free Trade and Cooperation Agreement will be provisionally applied. The information in our guide is still subject to the risk of further change. However, given the disruption that will follow for the EU, the risk of the deal being pulled at this stage by the EU is, hopefully, very low.

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