Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act – Do You Know Your Potential Obligations and Penalties for Non-compliance?

    View Author September 2021

    The rapid development of digital services and digital markets carries many benefits; however, the EU Commission (EC) is concerned that this also leaves gaps in current legislation. For this reason, the EC proposed new rules governing digital services and digital markets with the aim to create a safer digital space and establish a level playing field across platforms in the European Economic Area (EEA).

    Although the proposals are subject to change, being on the front foot in understanding your potential obligations and corresponding rights under the proposed new rules will not only ensure that you are positioned for compliance in 2023 (based on the EC’s proposal), but it will also help you understand where the legislation may impact your business and whether you wish to become more actively involved in the negotiations as the proposals progress through the EU co-legislative process before the European Parliament and Council.