Brexit: Immigration FAQs

    View Author November 2018

    Many European Economic Area (EEA) nationals in the UK remain understandably concerned or confused about what Brexit means for them. On 21 June 2018, the Home Office issued its EU Settlement Scheme with information on how EU citizens and their families in the UK can apply for settled or pre-settled status when the scheme is phased in towards the end of 2018. These FAQs provide practical guidance on the key points of the scheme and can be forwarded directly to any of your employees with questions or concerns about what Brexit means for them. We will continue to update them as matters develop.

    View the PDF for the following:

    • What Are the Key Points of the Settlement Scheme?
    • What if the UK Leaves the EU Without a Deal on 29 March 2019?
    • What Will the Qualifying Criteria Be for Settled and Pre-settled Status?
    • What Will the Process Be to Obtain Settled and Pre-settled Status?
    • What Does “Continuous Residence” Mean for the Purpose of Qualifying for Settled Status?
    • When Should I Apply for Settled or Pre-settled Status?
    • Can My Spouse/Partner and Children Apply for Settled or Pre-settled Status at the Same Time as I Do?
    • Will the Home Office Be Able to Reject My Application for a Simple Mistake?
    • What Will it Cost to Apply for Settled Status or Pre-settled Status?
    • How Long Will it Take for My Settled or Pre-settled Status Application to Be Approved?
    • How Will I Prove That I Have Settled Status to Future Employers?
    • Can I Lose My Settled Status Once I Have Been Granted It?
    • If I Have Already Acquired Permanent Residence, Will This Mean That I Am Automatically Granted Settled Status?
    • Can I Still Apply for a Permanent Residence Document Now?
    • How Will I Know if I Am Eligible for a Permanent Residence Document?
    • What is the Difference Between Permanent Residence, Settled Status and Indefinite Leave to Remain?
    • Can I Apply for British Citizenship?
    • Most of the Available Information Refers Specifically to EU Citizens, but What About Those of Us in the UK From the Other EEA (Non-EU) Member States and Switzerland?
    • What About UK Citizens Living in Other EU Countries?
    • What About Irish Citizens?