Ohio Super Lawyers 2008

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    Lawyers from the Squire Sanders Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus offices have been named Ohio Super Lawyers 2008 in a survey distributed by Law & Politics magazine:

    Stephen D. Lerner, Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights and a top 100 ranking overall
    Stephen C. Mahon, Mergers & Acquisitions
    Jeffrey A. Marks, Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights
    Mark J. Ruehlmann, Business Litigation            

    Stacy D. Ballin, Business Litigation
    Geoffrey K. Barnes, Environmental
    Van Carson, Environmental        
    Alan S. Doris, Tax
    Robert J. Eidnier, Tax
    Steven A. Friedman, Business Litigation
    David S. Goodman, Government/Cities/Municipalities
    James D. Gray, Tax
    Guy F. Guinn, Banking
    Richard S. Gurbst, General Litigation
    Laura K. Hong, Personal Injury Defense: Products
    Mary Ann Jorgenson, Securities & Corporate Finance
    Thomas S. Kilbane, Business Litigation and a top 100 ranking overall
    Damond R. Mace, Business Litigation
    Douglas A. McWilliams, Environmental
    Michael G. Meissner, Tax
    G. Christopher Meyer, Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights
    Osborne Mills Jr, Banking
    David J. Millstone, Employment & Labor
    Kenneth C. Moore, Environmental
    Frederick R. Nance, Business Litigation
    James P. Oliver, Business/Corporate
    Terrence G. Perris, Tax
    Timothy J. Sheeran, Employment & Labor
    John F. Shelley, Estate Planning & Probate
    Dynda A. Thomas, Banking
    James D. Thomas, General Litigation
    Robin G. Weaver, General Litigation and a top 100 ranking overall
    David C. Weiner, Business Litigation
    Joseph C. Weinstein, Business Litigation
    David A. Zagore, Business/Corporate               

    David W. Alexander, General Litigation
    D. Lewis Clark Jr, Employment & Labor
    Susan M. DiMickele, Employment & Labor
    Patrick J. Dugan, Mergers & Acquisitions
    John R. Gall, Business Litigation
    David W. Grauer, Health Care
    John M. Kirsner, Health Care
    Steven F. Mount, Tax
    William A. Nolan, Employment & Labor
    Richard W. Rubenstein, Real Estate
    Michael D. Saad, Real Estate
    Alex Shumate, Government/Cities/Municipalities
    Keith Shumate, Business Litigation
    Lee A. Wendel, Estate Planning & Probate
    Karen A. Winters, Environmental
    C. Craig Woods, General Litigation

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