Patton Boggs Creates Rapid Response Team To Financial Crisis

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    Washington, D.C.,  October 1, 2008 — In response to the global financial crisis, Patton Boggs LLP has established a multi-disciplinary task force focused on guiding clients though the upheaval on Wall Street as well as the proposed$700 billion rescue plan on Capitol Hill.

    The task force includes senior members of the firm’s public policy, litigation and business departments and has called upon the expertise from across its nine offices to bring clients the legal expertise and political know how that they can’t find elsewhere.

    “We have not formed a new practice group because this is not “new” for Patton Boggs,” said Charles Miller, deputy managing partner of the firm, who will head up the 30-member task force.

    Navigating the intersection of politics and the turbulent financial markets is exactly the type of complex, multi-disciplinary situation in which the firm is often tapped to handle, Miller said.

    The task force centralizes what the firm has already been doing.

    The firm has been providing clients with daily, and in some cases hourly, updates about the prospects of the pending legislation. Three of the firm’s lawyers hosted a webinar Monday in conjunction with Thomson West to discuss the bill. And one partner has published a white paper explaining key aspects of the proposed legislation. Click here to obtain paper and watch webinar:

    • The task force has a wealth of expertise in investigations of financial institutions by Congress and government regulatory groups.
    • The task force will advise financial institutions in connection with the valuation, purchase, sale and management of assets that are acquired by the government as part of the legislative effort to stabilize the economy.
    • The task force can help clients implement Treasury Department regulations required by the pending legislation.
    • The task force can handle any litigation that stems from implementing the legislation.

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