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    Nicholas W. Allard, co-chair of the firm's public policy practice, appeared on PBS' "Nightly Business Report" on October 30, 2008 to discuss the impact of the presidential election on Congress and the financial rescue efforts.

    Correspondent Darren Gersh asked: If the polls are right and Sen. Barack Obama wins on Tuesday, the only place Republicans can effectively fight tax increases or other government mandates on business will be in the Senate, provided there are still enough Republicans seats. Of course, if Sen. John McCain pulls out a win, the White House will check Democratic ambitions. And, in any case, the most likely scenario now is for Democrats to finish Election Day with 56 to 58 Senate seats. But even if Democrats get to 60, they won't act in lockstep on taxes, health care or anything else, says former Senate Democratic staffer Nick Allard.

    "There are conservative Democrats and extremely liberal Democrats," Mr. Allard said. "And almost on any major issue, the Democrats are going to have to reach across the aisle to the Republicans to get to 60."

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