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    Stuart Pape, the firm's managing partner, and Vincent Frillici, a senior public policy advisor at the firm, were quoted in a November 3, 2008 National Law Journal story about how law firms are hiring lawmakers and top congressional staffers without law degrees in anticipation of overhauls in how the nation pays for multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects and regulates financial services.

    "You don't have to have a law degree to be smart and capable,'' Mr. Pape told the legal journal. "This may be a Washington phenomenon because here we have a lot of clients with problems that are adjacent to the law. It is becoming increasingly common with firms that have public policy practices and do a lot of regulatory work to hire people who know their way around the bureaucracy.''

    Mr. Frillici, who recently joined the firm, began his career working on the finance side of the 1996 Clinton presidential campaign and has worked in campaign fundraising and business development ever since.

    "I see myself as a translator of the very complex language of policy and legislative prescriptions into understandable terms," Mr. Frillici told the legal journal. "Being the one on the [conference] call who asks for something to be explained is mostly for me, but if I don't understand it, the lawmaker who has to explain that back home will have a hard time understanding it. Law firms that don't have people who bring a political viewpoint into the conversation, their clients miss something.''

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