First mediators accredited in Greece with support from Hammonds LLP

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    Charles Middleton-Smith, alternative dispute resolution consultant at Hammonds LLP in London, was recently instrumental in training the first group of mediators to be accredited in Greece following the implementation of an EU Directive.

    Charles, who is also a member of mediation Chambers In Place of Strife, together with Amanda Bucklow, a fellow member of the organisation, were responsible for devising and delivering the training, which was specifically to reconcile the requirements of the Greek market and the accreditation criteria of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).

    Charles and Amanda trained and mentored 23 participants from a variety of backgrounds including representatives from leading law firms, commercial organisations and the University of Athens.  There were 20 candidates who attended the assessment days and 16 were accredited.

    Charles commented: “This is the first time the Institute has conducted an accreditation for mediators outside the UK. It was important that the process was consistent with the existing high standards whilst at the same time being appropriate for the practice of mediation in Greece.

    “One of the criticisms leveled at mediation training, especially in undeveloped markets, is that newly accredited mediators have an uphill struggle to get their practice moving against a background of relative ignorance. The joy for me therefore, in this case, has been that Amanda and I have been able to use our mediation skills comprehensively to engage others who need to play a role in developing the use of mediation in Greece. This has been an outstanding example of what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time given the leadership, motivation and the skills.”

    Discussions with and contributions from many interested parties including the Ministry of Justice, The Athens Bar and Law Societies, professional trade bodies, Chambers of Commerce and others were an essential part of designing a mediation model for Greece and the appropriate training to support that model.



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