Hammonds’ competition law specialist addresses high profile Japanese conferences

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    A Manchester based competition law specialist was recently a principal speaker at two conferences in Tokyo and Osaka, organised by the Japan Environmental Association for Industry.

    Nicola Clark from Hammonds LLP spoke at the conferences, which focused on REACH, a European Community Regulation dealing with the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals on an EU-wide basis.  She addressed over 150 delegates, principally from the chemicals and electronics industries, on the key principles of competition law and on the interface between competition law and the REACH legislation.

    Ms Clark said: “This issue is of great concern to companies in Japan, and indeed any company supplying chemicals into Europe.  REACH applies to substances manufactured or imported into the EU in quantities of one tonne or more a year. If a substance is not registered in accordance with REACH, the substance will be prohibited from manufacture in or import into the EU.  In other words, this effectively means the loss of the European market for that substance.  Of particular interest from a competition law point of view is the fact that REACH requires cooperation and data sharing between competitors.“





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