Firm Helps Suarez Family in Dispute Over Driveway

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    Since purchasing their home in 1991, the Suarez family had battled with their neighbors who parked their cars in the Suarez driveway, claiming they acquired it by adverse possession. Monico and Rosina Suarez, who have five children, do not speak English. Their neighbors, who work for a law firm, were threatening and intimidating the Suarez family in an attempt to take their property until Patton Boggs partner Connie Ariagno and associate Joanna Grigson got involved. The firm represented the Suarez family in connection with the dispute over the ownership and use of the driveway constructed on the property more than 20 years ago. After more than a year of hard-fought litigation, the neighbors relinquished all present and future claims of adverse possession to any part of the Suarez property and no longer park their cars in the driveway.

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