Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr. Delivers Keynote to Investors

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    Washington, D.C., May 6, 2009—For the 11th year in a row, Patton Boggs LLP sponsored the annual Symposium on Mezzanine and Middle Market Finance in New York City. 

    Thomas Hale Boggs Jr., chairman of Patton Boggs, delivered the keynote address at the summit, which was held April 28 to 29th. The symposium drew a wide array of attendees from mezzanine funds, hedge funds, overseas investment banks, U.S. and European business partnerships, equity investors, chief legal officers and lenders to discuss the dynamic opportunities in the current economic climate.

    Mr. Boggs’ message centered on the intersection of Wall Street, Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and how that convergence impacts today’s marketplace.

    “Given the fragile economy, it is more important than ever for investors, lenders and businesses to understand how Washington works—it’s crucial to finessing today’s business deals,” said Mr. Boggs, who has been named to The National Law Journal’s List of The Top 100 Lawyers in the U.S. every year since its inception.

    “The trick is knowing how to see around the next corner, how what happens on Capitol Hill will affect investors,” Mr. Boggs said.

    Over the past four decades, Patton Boggs has grown from a handful of lawyers to more than 600 lawyers and professionals in nine offices across the United States and the Middle East. The firm has had a hand in some of the most significant bills to pass Congress, including the Telecommunications Act of 1995, the North American Free Trade Agreement, as well as cases involving the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI) scandal, and the rescue of Chrysler Corporation from bankruptcy in 1979. 

    Businessweek magazine recently determined that “Thomas Hale Boggs Jr. could well be the most influential Washington icon who never held elected office.”
    Patton Boggs has been involved with the annual summit of mezzanine and middle market finance since its inception back in 1993. The firm’s legal and financial experts have played an integral role in the evolution of junior capital products, strategically positioning Patton Boggs as the “go-to firm” for this type of investment.

    “We have been market leaders and innovators in the mezzanine finance industry for the past 16 years,” Mr. Boggs said. “That experience, coupled with our deep knowledge about how Washington works, gives us a unique understanding of the current and historic layers of this form of financing.”

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