McGahren and Bartlett Challenge Sequoia AVC Advantage and the Malfunctioning of Its Touch-Screen Voting Machines

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    Apparently the fourth time was a charm, as Ms. Harris’ vote was finally registered by the touch-screen voting machine—at least that is what an election worker told her. Still, she never received a confirmation that her vote counted, as the DRE—one of over 10,000 machines used during the election—didn’t provide her with a paper record of her vote.

    Challenging the DREs' constitutionality on the grounds that they are unreliable and susceptible to hacking, Mr. McGahren and Ms. Bartlett represented Ms. Harris, Assemblyman Gusciora, the Coalition for Peace and the New Jersey Peace Action Coalition, in a lawsuit against the state seeking to have the DRE machines decommissioned throughout New Jersey.

    "If Al Franken had lost in New Jersey, he would've been out of luck," Mr. McGahren said, referring to the U.S. Senate candidate whom a Minnesota court has declared the winner of the November 2008 election on the basis of a recount. "It's vital that there's an independent voter paper trail, so [people] know their vote has been directly cast and accounted for," McGahren says.

    The trial wrapped up in April, and though both sides are still giving post-trial briefings, Mr. McGahren expects a decision by November.

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