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    Graham Wisner, of counsel in the firm’s Washington office, appeared on a broadcast of Russia Today on July 24, 2009, to discuss Vice President Joe Biden’s recent trip to Georgia and the administration’s efforts to forge diplomatic ties to the former Soviet Republic and Russia.


    Mr. Wisner also appeared on Russia Today on July 27, 2009, to dissect negative remarks that Vice President Biden made in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.


    Mr. Wisner said that there are times when the White House would prefer that the vice president use more restraint. There are also times when the vice president, in his role as second in command, is used to float ideas that the president does not want to make, Mr. Wisner told Russia Today.


    “But make no mistake, Joe Biden is also a very smart man. He sometimes makes mistakes, but often times he has a lot of experience in foreign policy and gives a feeling of various dissident elements inside the administration about feelings they might have,” Mr. Wisner said.


    Mr. Wisner said in his conversations within the Obama administration, officials have been clear that President Obama wants reconciliation with Russia. The United States has a lot in common with Russia, including the recent showdown with Iran, addressing global warming, preventing international disease and exploring space, he said.

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