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    William McGinley from the firm’s Washington office was quoted by Roll Call on September 28, 2009, and the Wall Street Journal on September 29, 2009, about the Federal Election Commission ruling that limited liability companies are not political committees when they team up with political consultants to run television ads.

    Mr. McGinley, who requested the ruling on behalf of the political consulting firm Black Rock Group, said the ruling is a positive move.

    “It’s going to open up an avenue for individuals who wish to support or oppose federal candidates,” Mr. McGinley told Roll Call.

    The ruling is a sign that the FEC continues to loosen restrictions on money in politics, the Wall Street Journal noted.

    “Now wealthy individuals have another way of expressing their views. Now they can seek professional assistance to shape their messages,” Mr. McGinley told the Wall Street Journal.

    In the past, wealthy individuals were allowed to form LLCs to influence elections. But many shied away from using LLCs to wage campaigns because it was unclear if they could hire the same political consulting firms, the Wall Street Journal noted.

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