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    Nicholas Allard, a partner and head of the lobbying practice in the firm’s Washington office, appeared on NPR’s On Point radio show on June 24, 2010,  to talk about the nuts and bolts of how lobbying works on Capitol Hill.


    The radio segment, entitled “Lobbyist on the Loose in Washington – Raising the Current on Lobbying,” focused on the crucial role that lobbyihng plays in Washington and the public’s perception of lobbying and those who participate in it.


    Mr. Allard defended lobbying, saying there are “good” and “bad” lobbyists. Lobbyists play a vital role in Democracy, he said, because they offer analysis, advice and expert advocacy.


    “Money doesn’t buy results,” Mr. Allard said. “Lawmakers have to do what makes public policy or political sense. There has to be a public policy justification.”

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