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    Martha Kendrick, a partner in the firm’s Washington office, was quoted by The National Law Journal on June 21, 2010, about how a growing number of clients are seeking legal counsel about the new health care reform law.

    Clients are turning to law firms with Washington regulatory practices and health care specialties to help them, “navigate and influence rulemaking going on at federal agencies,” including at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, according to The National Law Journal.

    Fraud and abuse provisions, investment opportunities, bids on public contracts and changes to the Medicare Advantage program are among the issues law firms are assisting clients with stemming from the health care reform law.

    Ms. Kendrick, who specializes in health care and previously worked for HHS, said the law leaves "an incredible amount of discretionary authority" to the agency. "We have some clients who have come to us who have technical issues, where the drafting of certain provisions is either unclear or silent and they have a stake in the way the agency interprets the statutory language," she said.

    Ms. Kendrick and several other lawyers said they are looking at regulations that will govern accountable care organizations, an entity created by the law that will be responsible for improving quality and finding new efficiencies in the health care system. Among the issues yet to be determined, she said, is how any savings from the improved efficiency would be calculated and shared between the new accountable care organizations and the government. "The basic rules of the game have to be established," she said.

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