Patton Boggs Acquires Breaux-Lott Group

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    Former Senate Majority Leader Trent  Lott, R-Miss., (front left) and former Louisiana Democratic Senator John Breaux (front right) join the Patton Boggs team at a special signing ceremony on July 1, 2010.  Joining the senators are incoming managing partner Ed Newberry, Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr., the firm's chair, and  Stuart Pape, the firm's current managing partner (back row, left to right).

    Washington, DC, July 1, 2010—Patton Boggs LLP is acquiring the Breaux-Lott Leadership Group, combining two of the most recognizable firms in public policy at the nation’s highest-revenue producing public policy law firm. 

    Former Louisiana Democratic Senator John Breaux and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., join the firm’s Washington office as special senior counsel with their sons, John Breaux, Jr. and Chester Trent Lott, Jr.; three public policy advisers; and three staff members.

    “This acquisition is a strategic coup and a cornerstone for our bipartisan growth,” said Thomas Hale Boggs Jr., chairman of Patton Boggs, a firm that has played a key role in every major piece of legislation and regulatory decision for nearly 50 years.

    “The combined expertise of Patton Boggs and Breaux-Lott Leadership Group makes the firm a ‘mandatory first stop’ for discerning corporate CEOs and general counsel facing complex problems that can be solved in the halls of Congress, the executive branch or the courtroom,” Mr. Boggs said.

    The acquisition signals an aggressive growth plan for Patton Boggs as it continues to maintain its top spot in legislative work while expanding its footprint in major regulatory areas. Over the past year, the firm has added other powerhouses such as former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin; Suedeen Kelly, a former commissioner with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; and Dick Thompson, a veteran in the pharmaceutical and food and drug sectors.

    The acquisition of the Breaux-Lott Leadership Group, one of the nation’s fastest growing lobbying boutiques, provides bipartisan leadership to solve client problems at a time when it has never been more difficult to navigate Congress. Patton Boggs provides the depth and substantive strength to better serve the Breaux-Lott clients’ comprehensive policy and legal needs.

    “We will continue to provide boutique-level personal attention to our clients with the added benefit of the wide-ranging policy, legal and business services that only Patton Boggs can provide,” said John Breaux, who provides strategic advice, consulting and lobbying on health care, tax, financial services and energy issues. “This is a merger of the best of what both teams can provide to our clients.”

    Senator Lott brings sharp leadership skills and a special understanding of complex congressional procedures from his time serving as the House Republican Whip and Senate Majority Leader. He plans to focus his practice on defense, taxes, financial services, energy, transportation, communications and other areas where he has been active throughout his career.

    “This is an exciting opportunity to expand our firm with the resources of one of the most respected and revered law firms in the nation,” Lott said. “This is a win-win deal for our clients as well as for Patton Boggs.”

    The personal relationship between Mr. Boggs and both senators dates back to when the lawmakers were first elected to the House.

    Senator Breaux was elected to the House of Representatives at the age of 28. During his tenure in the Senate, Breaux was a widely known for his bipartisan leadership and central role in some of the most important legislative initiatives of his generation. Breaux is the former Deputy Minority Whip of the Senate.

    As a Senator, Breaux was known for his keen insight on energy issues. He served as co-chair of the Oil and Gas Caucus. He was active in advancing legislation to promote domestic oil and gas production, and was a co-sponsor of the Marginal Well Preservation Act, a tax incentive program that encouraged oil production from marginal oil wells. He was also a principal author of the Outer Continental Shelf Land Act.

    Senator Lott served in Congress for 35 years and is one of the few people to hold elected leadership positions in both the House and Senate. A champion of a strong national defense, Lott is an advocate of economic growth and protecting economic security. He has worked closely with seven presidential administrations.

    As the House Republican Whip, Lott forged the bipartisan alliance that enacted President Ronald Reagan’s economic recovery program and his national security initiatives.  Lott created the first modern whip organization on Capitol Hill, focusing attention on regular member-to-member contacts and extensive outreach to sympathetic Democrats to secure passage of major legislation.

    In the Senate, Lott was a member of the group of pro-growth stalwarts who opposed the tax increase forced on President Bush in 1990. When he became the Senate’s Majority Leader in 1996, he again put his coalition-building skills to the test and, along with House Speaker Newt Gingrich, enacted his historic welfare reform bill of 1996.

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