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    DC Partner Alexandra Chopin discussed the New Jersey Supreme Court’s “new rule of law,” which forbids police to obtain a suspect’s cellphone data without a warrant, with the Christian Science Monitor’s Harry Bruinius. In the July 19 article, Ms. Chopin said that litigants generally “try to stay away from getting courts to make new law,” because of courts’ reticence to do so, adding that the state’s action to require such an “expectation of privacy” from law enforcement was “bold.”  The piece noted that other state and federal laws, as well as previous legal precedents, are usually not well-equipped to parse the privacy status of such easy-to-glean digital data. “Now cellphone tracking information is so detailed that a cellphone provider can track you to your living room, or even the floor of the house you’re in, and that wasn’t possible at the time [the New Jersey] case was ongoing,” said Ms. Chopin.

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