Rooting Out Government Corruption - Samuel Rosenthal

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    New York Partner Sam Rosenthal discussed the formation of an executive-level panel in the state with Law360 in a July 3 article. The bipartisan commission, created by Governor Andrew Cuomo through a unique arrangement with state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, is intended to root out government corruption. Some legal experts cautioned that the panel of prosecutors, police and attorneys may prove to have too much prosecutorial clout. Mr. Rosenthal noted that “if the direction is to make the commission more of a prosecutorial body, that would probably be an unwise use of resources.” “That doesn't seem to be the intent, and it wouldn't seem to be a wise use of resources," he said. " Some of these commissioners are partners in law firms," added Mr. Rosenthal. "Do you really want a law firm partner prosecuting a case" he asked.

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