Law Schools Should Cut Expense of Merit Scholarships, Use Savings to Fund Scholarships for Students with Financial Needs - Nicholas Allard

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    During an October 10, 2013 interview with Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia, DC Partner and Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard discussed the need for law schools to find ways to cut the expense of merit scholarships, which they "use to buy students...with high LSATs" to improve the schools' U.S. News & World Report rankings according to Mr. Allard. The money would be better spent on scholarships for students with financial need, he said. Touching on the Brooklyn Law School’s two-year program, Mr. Allard claimed that participants in the school’s program would not be adversely impacted by the lack of a summer associateship due to their high quality. “Those two-year students will not be able to enter the job market in some of the traditional ways–you know, working as a summer associate in their second year, for example, in most cases–but they're going to be highly attractive, motivated individuals entering the profession."

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