McCaul Bill Fills Cybersecurity Legislation Void – Norma Krayem

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    In a December 13, 2013 BNA for Executives (subscription required) article, DC Senior Policy Advisor Norma Krayem commented on a cybersecurity bill introduced by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX). According to Ms. Krayem, the bill stands out from other cybersecurity proposals that have been introduced in 2013 in that it focuses on codifying existing DHS cybersecurity authorities and speaks to the agency's relationship with critical infrastructure entities. “The bill fills the current void in the pending cyber legislation by focusing on codifying key DHS authorities and efforts with critical infrastructure,” Ms. Krayem said. At a time when the department's role in cybersecurity is under debate, the bill provides clear parameters in which the agency may operate, she added.

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