Patton Boggs Chief Diversity Partner on ‘Diversity 2.0’ - Mary Beth Bosco

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    The Glass Hammer, a blog and online community for women executives, published a “Voice of Experience” interview with Chief Diversity Partner Mary Beth Bosco on March 24, 2014. The piece highlights Ms. Bosco’s career experience and her commitment to move Patton Boggs’ diversity goals forward in real and tangible ways. “We want to recruit the best talent and if that requires pulling everything apart and starting over, that’s what we’ll do,” Ms. Bosco said, referring to the effort as “Diversity 2.0.” According to Ms. Bosco, one of the biggest hurdles women experience when rising through the ranks of law firms is a lack of “critical mass” of women in leadership roles to look up to as role models. “There are so many women graduating from law school, but the lack of women at the top continues to be framed as women wanting to spend time with their kids or start families. I think that’s an easy excuse,” she said. “If women had other options, they wouldn’t leave in the first place. We need to start showing women that success can be achieved in various ways; it’s not just about bringing in clients, but doing great legal work.” Ms. Bosco recommended that young women looking to enter law take a “long view” of things, making sure not to get swept up in the moment. “At some point you may want to take time out to be with your family; that doesn’t mean you can’t return. Women get to partner in different ways, you just have to remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint,” she told the blog.

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