Cyber Attacks a Matter of “Who, When and Why,” Not If - Norma Krayem

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    DC Senior Policy Advisor Norma Krayem was quoted in a Risk & Insurance article published in the magazine’s April 2014 issue. The piece highlights the especially critical cyber threats facing the energy and natural resources industry.

    “If there is a cyber attack, you can’t see or touch that attacker so your ability to quickly respond may or may not be successful,” said Ms. Krayem, co-chair of the firm’s homeland security, defense and technology transfer practice group. According to industry experts, while protecting the actual control systems of energy companies is a high priority that is audited by the federal government, the smart grid is vulnerable. Ms. Krayem told R&I the connectivity of entities that distribute electric power, for example, means there could be “cascading failures” throughout the country. “You have this patchwork of systems that are being cobbled together, a lot of them are legacy systems, and they are not necessarily all at the same level of security,” she said.

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