Female Powerbroker – Laura Laemmle-Weidenfeld

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    In a Q&A with Law360, DC Partner Laura Laemmle-Weidenfeld discusses her practice and career, and the challenges facing many female attorneys. Agreeing that both men and women serving at senior levels within law firms struggle with some of the same issues, she points out that despite significant strides in society with respect to men assuming more responsibility at home, many women retain primary responsibility for taking care of their families. “I don’t think I would be satisfied relinquishing that responsibility, but it can be particularly difficult to juggle family obligations with building and maintaining a successful law practice, as well as assuming management responsibilities within the firm,” she said. “There is an upside, though,” Ms. Laemmle-Weidenfeld added. “Juggling all these things does require us to hone our management skills, which I believe ultimately makes us better parents, lawyers and managers.” The “Female Powerbrokers” piece was published April 28, 2014.

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