“Only a Matter of Time” Before McCain-Feingold Party Restrictions Fall – Donald McGahn

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    DC Partner Don McGahn was quoted in a Washington Post article regarding the April 2, 2014, Supreme Court opinion in McCutcheon v. FEC, which focused on campaign finance rules and caps on campaign funding. In the piece, published April 3, 2014, Mr. McGahn told the paper the McCutcheon ruling will reverberate through state election laws. According to Mr. McGahn, state limits on the amounts of money parties can raise, imposed by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, are likely to be the next on the judicial chopping block. “The McCain-Feingold restrictions on state and local parties are still there, yet the rationale for upholding all those limitations that was offered in McConnell v. FEC is gone,” Mr. McGahn said. “[It’s] only a matter of time before those party restrictions fall,” he added.

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