Time to Strengthen US-India Relations - Frank Wisner

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    Testifying before the Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs, International Affairs Adviser Frank Wisner pointed out an opportunity for the United States to revive U.S.-Indian relations, claiming that relations have “atrophied” since the “high-water mark” of President Barack Obama's visit to India in 2010. “We want to see India back in the WTO [World Trade Organization],” Ambassador Wisner said. “It's really important to see India in APEC [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation] and knocking on the door of TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership],” he added. “There's been a loss of confidence in the American business community in the Indian market,” Ambassador Wisner told the subcommittee, adding that the Modi government has made the economy a “top priority” and “intends to address” issues like tax rates and infrastructure problems as it works to achieve its goal of creating 15 million new jobs a year. Bloomberg BNA (subscription required) covered the hearing.

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