Hot Topics in Pensions – Spring 2023

March 2023
Region: Europe

In our Spring Hot Topics in Pensions, we get close to nature and explore some of the many outdoor hobbies that our readers might enjoy as the days get longer – from open water swimming, to birdwatching, to foraging in the hedgerows – there is something for everyone. So, come and explore with us as we highlight the latest pensions issues for your trustee and corporate agendas.

Our topics include:

  • Golf – Pensions dashboards are on the first tee, but a government announcement may delay the start of play.
  • Gardening – The Department for Work and Pensions has planted new disclosure requirements for defined contribution (DC) schemes.
  • Cycling – Is your scheme pedalling furiously towards compliance with The Pensions Regulator’s combined code of practice, or is it behind the peloton?

We also take a hike through some of the many consultations on major industry developments, including:

  • The expansion of collective DC arrangements
  • The defined benefit funding code
  • Automatic transfer solutions
  • A new value-for-money framework for both trust and contract-based DC schemes

Please contact any member of our Pensions team for more information on these topics.

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