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Russia/Ukraine Conflict

From a global pandemic to Europe’s largest military conflict since World War II, we find ourselves in perpetual crisis management mode. Our global team of multidisciplinary practitioners offers clarity on some of the most complex and critical issues for businesses arising as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.  

Listen: Special Podcast Series on the Impact of Russia/Ukraine Conflict of Businesses

Continuing our Now & Next podcast series, we spotlight the “Now” (the ongoing global responses to the conflict and crisis in Ukraine) and the “Next” (the immediate- and long-term rippling effects of those responses), as well as what businesses should do now and next to navigate the situation and mitigate their risk exposures. 

Matthew Kirk, the host of Now & Next, focuses on the following topics in the first few episodes of the series: 

  • Export Controls Arising From Sanctions, Implications to Existing and Prospective Contracts and Practical Guidance on Risk Mitigation –Featuring George Grammas, the discussion highlights the important features of the new US export controls imposed as a result of the current conflict, provides general guidance on actions that would run afoul of the new regulations from a contract management perspective, underscores the importance of understanding the business implications arising from the complex global sanctions regime – further complicated by the conflict – and explores effective compliance for risk mitigation.
  • Financial Matters including SWIFT Payments and Impact on Sale and Movement of Goods and Services – Featuring Paul Anderson, the discussion seeks answers and recommendations to help navigate the urgent challenges facing corporations with financial flows in and out of Russia, and explores options that may be available to businesses under newly imposed restrictions.
  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Assets – Featuring Malcolm Dowden, the discussion delves into the much speculated cyber threats from Russia, which will certainly elevate the conflict to a new level, and highlights the practical considerations and mitigation steps for businesses to consider and implement.
  • Energy Supply and Impact on the Global Gas Market – The discussion offers a look at the current state of the global energy market and near-term outlook on market development, and any potential for complete disengagement from the EU on Russian energy reliance, as well as the feasibility of shifting to alternative energy sources.
  • Sanctions and Business Considerations – Featuring José María (“Pepe”) Viñals, the discussions focus on the varying sanctions frameworks from different regimes, considerations for approaching and navigating sanctions and compliance, and responding to Russia counter-measures.
  • Operations and People and Options for Russia Operations – Featuring Caroline Noblet, Malgorzata (“Gosia”) Grzelak and Patrick Brooks, the two-part discussions focus on sustainability of operations in Russia by multinational corporations, the management of employees (non-Russian and Russian), the movement of people, Russia’s response to the shifting business landscape, and the realities that confront business continuity.
  • Employers and Refugees – Featuring Malgorzata (“Gosia”) Grzelak, the discussions provide a view from Poland, the legal and humanitarian considerations for employers, and the implications of Poland’s new Homeland Defence Law in the context of labor and employment.
  • Russian Counter-Measures – Featuring Patrick Brooks, the discussions focus on Russia’s legal retaliation to the Western alliance, the effects on multinationals with operations in Russia, the delicate balancing act of sanctions compliance, and the likelihood of self-sufficiencies of some subsidiaries if operations remain in Russian hands. 

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