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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly defining and refining the ways in which businesses operate. As a global law firm, we continue to build our AI capabilities to help clients achieve business and strategic objectives. Using AI, we can help you, for example, extract key information from legacy contracts and use this to create smart contracts that minimize risks and automate business processes, or implement blockchain technology with AI to streamline real estate and other transactional processes, or develop the parameters of algorithms calibrated to maximize opportunities in pricing goods and services without undue risk of antitrust, consumer protection, or data privacy exposure.

As AI is integrated more fully into business processes, consumer products, and the multitude of sensors and other devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), AI will have profound effects on society. These developments will ultimately have significant legal ramifications as well. We can help you address them today, as well as share our insights about how evolving legal standards will help you manage risks and embrace opportunities tomorrow in a regulatory compliant manner.

Check out our basic primer on AI.

As a firm with over a half century of experience in shaping how laws are written and regulations are interpreted, we also offer our insights about ways in which laws are likely to evolve, and thus, what you need to be thinking about now to advance your business and strategic objectives tomorrow.

We believe we can help our clients take advantage of opportunities and avoid risks as AI evolves. Our colleagues have the deep, practical experience to bridge the worlds of law and tech, including experience as an R&D and product development engineer, software programmer and applications programmer, as well as advanced degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering. We are continuing to expand the areas in which our lawyers and other professionals help clients better understand how AI can advance their overall business and strategic objectives.

Our areas of AI-focused efforts and related practice areas across the globe include:

We look forward to engaging with you as a trusted advisor as AI reshapes our world.

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