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Construction in a marine environment is amongst one of the most complex and specialized areas of the industry. Throughout the course of the project environmental considerations are key and, because of the dynamic nature of the weather and the tides, the environment is often extremely harsh and unrelenting. The nature of the environment also dictates that design has to be increasingly robust and materials selected with specialist anti-corrosive properties. As a result, projects in this sector require more planning and consideration on effective risk management and mitigation – otherwise they can be more susceptible to delay and disruption and increase in costs.

Added to this complexity, the marine sector is currently experiencing considerable growth and has some of the largest and most expensive projects in the construction sector, often related to the production of energy.

Irrespective of whether your project is off-shore drilling, undersea cabling, off-shore wind farms, marine and harbor terminals or sea wall defense schemes, we have unrivaled experience in this area and can help you to succeed in the procurement and construction of your project.

We can draft contracts that account for the unique risks of this environment. We operate on both a local, national and international scale and can advise you on approaches to this sector, from standard approaches adopted in heavily developed countries and landscapes to the contingencies required in developing countries where the contractual risk profile changes considerably.

We act for the full range of clients including national and local governments, funders, project providers, suppliers, owners and operators. This places us in a unique position with a thorough understanding of the risks, liabilities and obligations of all parties in the sector.

Why Choose Us

Many of our lawyers have worked in-house and understand the technical environment as well as more innovative approaches to sharing risk. With new investment opportunities across borders, the focus for all those involved must be to minimize risk yet retain the flexibility to take control in unpredictable environments.

Making sure that the legal arrangements you have in place reflect this is key and procuring legal services that add real value to all your activities means going to those who understand how to deliver this in the construction and engineering environment.

We can advise on construction contracts that will protect your investment and ensure that responsibilities are vested in those who can drive towards prompt delivery and an early return. Whether you are working to deliver to investment funds, private investors or public authorities, providing incentives to contractors, designers and developers is important for successful delivery and we can make this happen for you.

Project Financing

Financing long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services can be a particularly complex area for many businesses. Due to the way revenues are generated for these projects, you need an experienced team to deliver the correct service and a return for the investor.

We regularly deals with financing matters related to project structuring and development, financing and other contract issues across all construction sectors. Our extensive experience includes bringing various, wide-ranging projects to completion. We do not just give you legal advice; we give you commercial and strategic advice and tailor our service to suit your individual project and financing agreements.

  • Local authority – Advising on a £40 million contract, procured using NEC 3 Option C, for a new sea wall protection scheme. 
  • Acting in a LMAA arbitration between an Asia Pacific- and Middle East-based shipowner and a France-based supplier over the supply of liquefaction plant on board three vessels. Dispute valued at more than US$20 million. 
  • Private equity company – Advising on the proposed acquisition of an offshore undersea cabling company out of administration. 
  • Operator – Advising on the procurement of a 200MW offshore windfarm in Germany. 
  • Advising on a new eight-stage sea terminal development, including berths and landside works. 
  • Counseling in a dispute between the contractor and buyer of two jack up drilling units, the largest and most advanced ever built, on contract disputed claims valued at more than US$500 million. 
  • Korean contractor – Advising on a multimillion-pound arbitration in Singapore regarding an offshore jack up rig platform. 
  • New Zealand contractor – Acting in a UNCITRAL arbitration regarding a seabed pipeline contract dispute with an Asia Pacific-based government and related tailored alternative dispute resolution mini-trial procedure.