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Copyright Infringement, Trademark & Brand Protection

An organization’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. Our experienced lawyers are proficient at developing and implementing a coherent strategy in which a brand is protected, enforced and fully exploited in all key markets around the world. Our full-service brand protection offering includes portfolio planning, trademark availability and prosecution, post-registration management and enforcement, as well as copyright protection. Our multijurisdictional practice allows us to file and prosecute trademark applications in our own right in the US, EU, UK, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

Why Choose Us

  • Ranked as one of the top global law firm platforms in the world by Law360, our presence in the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific region enables us to quickly address your intellectual property needs anywhere in the world.
  • We act as a long-term trusted adviser to well-known brands handling large worldwide portfolios in more than 180 countries and regions.
  • Our team also assists clients in all avenues of trademark commercialization, including licensing, merchandising, cross-licensing, advertising, online commercial and social-media use.
  • Our lawyers have the commercial awareness that is integral in a constantly evolving marketplace.
  • Complete range of worldwide legal services in all aspects of brand protection
  • Global strategic advice on the protection of trademarks, names, domain names and trade dress
  • Prosecuting trademark applications through to registration
  • Conducting clearance searches for trademark and name availability
  • Managing global portfolios of well-known brands
  • Multijurisdictional trademark dispute resolution
  • Global brand enforcement, anticounterfeiting and customs programs
  • Advice on cross-border commercial exploitation of brand names and personality rights
  • Advice on commercial brand agreements and franchising
  • Innovative sponsorship arrangements
  • Trademark due diligence and audit in commercial transactions
  • Global advice on the protection of literary and artistic works, design, software and databases
  • Support in negotiating of copyright licensing contracts, exploitation rights and terms of remuneration
  • Review of employee and third party contracts to ensure that copyright issues are properly addressed and copyrights are effectively transferred and protected
  • Advice on the prevention of infringement of third parties’ copyright and fair use
  • Advice on the copyright protection of online publications
  • In-house training to design teams, helping them recognize designs that can be protected before infringement occurs
  • Auditing existing portfolios to determine where protection should be extended and where costs can be cut

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