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Transportation (Air/Surface)

Over the past two decades, global competition for capital investment has accelerated, requiring innovative approaches to improve basic transportation infrastructure. This change necessitates fresh perspectives and has led to consideration of new approaches across the US and around the world on infrastructure development and finance. We have the ability to deliver locally, anywhere in the world, in planning, financing and implementing infrastructure projects, including roadways and mass transit systems, airports, ports, heavy and light railways, and communications facilities.

Why Choose Us

  • Advise with respect to issues that may involve significant, little or no precedent
  • Review, draft, negotiate, amend and modify legal documents such as bond indentures, loan agreements, lease agreements, official statements and intercreditor agreements
  • Assist with arbitrage and rebate counseling and compliance
  • Advise on state constitutional and statutory issues relating to infrastructure financings
  • Advise on federal statutory issues relating to infrastructure financings
  • Advise with respect to federal securities and disclosure law requirements
  • Financing sources and innovative funding mechanisms
  • Risk management and allocation
  • Negotiation and preparation of P3 agreements and other contractual matters
  • Compliance regarding public law, local law, labor, planning, real estate, environmental, intellectual property and other operational legal issues
  • Taxation and exemption
  • Dispute resolution