American Hustle: Accessing US Capital Markets by Overseas Companies

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    Here is the recording of the first webinar in our GlobalStart Series.  It addressed ways in which non-US companies can access US capital markets, both from a legal and practical perspective.

    The US continues to lead the world in total overall investment capital, whether for early-stage, growth-stage or late-stage companies seeking capital funding. The current fundraising climate in the US for technology companies has reached near-record levels in terms of both transaction size and transaction quantity. For some non-US companies, this presents an attractive alternative to raising capital funding from local sources, particularly for companies seeking to tap into the US’s large consumer market, or for those targeting a US-based exit.

    In this webinar, Matteo Daste and Dale Huxford, from our San Francisco and London offices, respectively, and Andy Tsao, from Silicon Valley Bank, will identify key strategic, commercial and practical issues confronting companies seeking to migrate all or part of their corporate structure or commercial business to the US. Using examples drawn from experience, they will offer pragmatic ideas to help attendees identify whether the US markets might be the logical next step, and if so, how to position themselves in the US marketplace without creating additional hurdles, including tax, employment, intellectual property, data storage, foreign exchange transactions and other regulatory obstacles.