Brexit – What Now For HR and Legal

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    Whatever your view of Brexit, it is not a topic you or your employees can ignore. There is much that remains unknown, but as HR and Legal you will want to give both your board and your people what guidance you can about what it means for them, personally and professionally.  

    We are holding a webinar for HR and legal teams on Friday 1 July at 3 p.m. in which we will look at the practical questions facing employers and HR teams in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.  

    Though we will look forward too, our focus will be squarely on the here and now, to cover:

    • Who stays, who goes – Impact on immigration status and rights to work for your current workforce.
    • Worker mobility issues within and outside the EU.
    • Potential changes in UK employment law – What and when.
    • Impact on recruitment, now and later.
    • What now for transfers of your employee data within and outside the EU?
    • A new spin of the holiday pay wheel.
    • “The Farage Effect" – Managing working relationships across the Brexit divide.

    A recording of this webinar can be viewed online.