Webinar - Outsourcing 2017: ITO, BPO and Cloud

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Why You Should Attend

Information technology and business process outsourcing has quickly gone from being a new and novel approach to a commonplace practice. Managing a global business today virtually necessitates contracting with outside technology partners to manage various aspects of non-essential and even some core business functions. As ITO, BPO and cloud solutions reach broad adoption across industries, new entrants to the market continue to emerge, offering cheaper and faster alternatives to industry stalwarts.

A maturing market for technology outsourcing solutions may offer clients the chance to achieve greater efficiencies, but how does that impact current agreements with existing vendors? As lawyers, how do you design agreements to anticipate this possibility? How do evolving privacy regulatory regimes influence your contracts? As a vendor, what client concerns should you anticipate with respect to emerging technology, increased competition and heightened privacy and data security expectations? What ethical obligations do lawyers on both sides need to keep top of mind throughout the negotiation process?

These are important questions that lawyers operating in this evolving practice must anticipate, regardless of which side of the transaction they stand behind. This timely and authoritative program will share practical insight on some of these questions and raise new issues that practitioners in the field should know.

What You Will Learn

  • Managing global migration to the cloud – NEW
  • Addressing vendor management issues – NEW
  • Digitization of all phases of the sourcing contract – NEW
  • Outsourcing process, Master Services Agreement and renegotiating deals
  • Privacy and data security in outsourcing agreements
  • Understanding pricing and financial structures 
  • Stepping into the supplier perspective
  • Spotting ethical issues in outsourcing agreements
This program is accredited for CLE – Continuing Legal Education. For more information or to register, contact Robin Hallagan at robin.hallagan@squirepb.com or at (216) 479-8115. There is a cost for attending this PLI program.