CV19 Disruption: Immigration Issues for UK Employers

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    A recording of this webinar is now available to view online.

    UK employers with non-EU employees are grappling with the immigration-related impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures and travel restrictions.

    To guide you through the legal, practical and reputational impact of these fast-moving developments, we invite you to register for a webinar on Wednesday 8 April at 11 a.m. Our speakers will include Business Immigration partners, Annabel Mace and Supinder Sian, who will provide up-to-the minute insight on the latest Home Office guidance and issues such as:

    • What if we have an employee whose visa is expiring soon?
    • Can those who would usually have to leave the UK to switch visas apply from within the UK instead?
    • What about employees with UK visas who are stuck abroad?
    • What are our compliance obligations with regard to COVID-19-related absences?
    • Can we delay the work start date for a newly sponsored employee?
    • What about salary reductions for furloughed employees?
    • Can we furlough UK employees on overseas assignments?
    • How quickly do sponsored employees who are made redundant have to leave the UK?
    • How do we carry out right-to-work checks if we cannot see original documents?
    • What if an employee loses the right to work whilst absent because of COVID-19?

    There will also be an opportunity to ask Annabel and Supinder questions throughout the session.

    In the meantime, if travel restrictions, quarantine measures and reduced services at visa application are affecting your globally mobile workforce, we invite you to sign up to our CV19 Disruption: Global Migration Tracker. This live site provides easy access to reliable sources of information in the form of links to relevant webpages of governments, national immigration departments and official visa application centers around the world. It also provides access to detailed guidance and analysis on recent developments and COVID-19-related changes in immigration law in specific countries.

    If you would like to be granted access to our live site, please email, providing your name, organization and email address.

    11 – 11:45 a.m.

    If you require any further information regarding this event, please contact Shenika Hylton.