COVID-19 Testing Time: How The Markets Are Looking at Recovery

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    The fourth in our series of weekly virtual panel discussions addressing business challenges of COVID-19, hosted by international affairs advisor Matthew Kirk. This week, we look at how institutional investors are assessing risks and opportunities in the post-COVID-19 world. Despite massive and almost universal fiscal stimulus packages across the world, investors are seeing extraordinary levels of volatility in all major markets. Although certain sectors are attracting new investment, many are still struggling with access to capital and may see investors looking to sell existing holdings.

    We will look at the legal practicalities of investors’ management of their portfolios in private and public markets. We are also beginning to see some retrenchment in different jurisdictions against the pre-COVID-19 acceptance of globalisation as a trading norm. Our discussion will also focus on how investors are likely to judge corporate behaviour in respect of government stimulus programmes. What levels of additional indebtedness are investors happy to live with? How will the setting of dividend policies and executive remuneration affect investors’ appetites?

    This Week’s External Panelist

    We are delighted to be joined by Ajeet Manjrekar, Co-Head of River and Mercantile Solutions who will be able to provide his insights on challenges and opportunities of the markets.

    Also participating will be Clifford Sims who leads our Pensions Practice Group and is the UK lead for the firm’s Institutional Investors Group. Clifford will address the important practical and legal issues faced by investors in this rapidly changing world.