COVID-19 Testing Time: Track and Trace Apps – The Employer’s Dilemma: Individual Rights and Collective Responsibility

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    Our series of weekly virtual panel discussions addressing business challenges of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), hosted by international affairs advisor Matthew Kirk, will address the boardroom dilemmas, legal implications and commercial risks around fast-moving issues presented by COVID-19.

    As we move towards a phased reopening of businesses, we look at the considerations of “Track and Trace” apps and the implications on individuals and businesses. It is clear that countries in Europe, as well as Australia, are headlining these apps as a key to a successful exit strategy. This webinar will consider what we can learn from these countries’ use of apps and the role of employers in keeping the virus under control, as well as what is their duty of care to employees? Can they mandate usage? Can they inspect app results? And, what are the data security and privacy implications of the apps?

    This Week’s Panellists

    We are delighted to be joined by Caroline Noblet, partner and co-chair of our Labour and Employment Practice. Caroline will be discussing the role of employers and addressing important practical and legal considerations.

    Also participating will be Georg Serentschy, senior advisor in our Public Policy and Communications Practices. Georg will provide a European-wide view of track and trace measures and the frameworks behind these. Francesca Fellowes, director within our Data Privacy and Cybersecurity team will discuss the UK track and trace application, the data privacy implications and the views of the ICO.

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    This webinar is intended to help you manage your organisation’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and will be of interest to board members, senior management and in-house counsel. If you would like to attend, or have colleagues who would, please register any interested parties using the “Register” button above.