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Patent Litigation: Trends, Tensions and Transitions

Region: Americas
31 March 2021
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One year ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the US, we saw an unusual uptick in the number of patent litigation cases being filed and speculated that perhaps the long slow decline in patent litigation filings had finally ended. In the ensuing year, we saw high rates of filings – in courts and at the PTAB – despite the necessity and challenges of conducting litigation by remote means. We watched as plaintiffs rushed to file new cases in the Western District of Texas while, at the same time, new policies and precedents at the PTAB disappointed countless petitioners. Do these substantial and unprecedented events signal a new normal for patent litigation?

Join partners Steven Auvil and Tamara Fraizer as they analyze the trends, tensions and transitions in patent litigation occurring during 2020, and discuss their impact on patent litigation in 2021. They will cover:

  • Filing Statistics for District Courts, the PTAB and the ITC
  • Trends in Filings by Industry or Technology
  • The Impact of Various Transitions to Remote Litigation
  • Tensions Between the PTAB and the Courts
  • The Road Ahead

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