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Labour & Employment UK Webinar Programme Spring 2021: Handling Grievances in the Workplace

Region: Europe
22 April 2021

The vast majority of employees affected by the pandemic over the last year have borne its adverse effects with great pragmatism and stoicism, but not all. Many employers have noticed an increase in the number of staff grievances over the last six months in particular, ranging from concerns of a relatively petty nature, to COVID-19-related treatment, to serious allegations of online harassment and bullying. Hard business choices will need to be made by employers on the way out of the pandemic, which will, no doubt, lead to many more.

But grievances are nothing to be afraid of. They can be a useful means of increasing mutual understanding, of allowing employees to feel heard and of determining real solutions to genuine problems. No employer should be tempted to make decisions it knows to be the wrong ones just to avoid them. Knowing that you can comfortably handle any complaints arising as a result is a key part of making the right decisions for your business.

Join us for our webinar on 22 April 2021, when we will provide practical advice on the key issues to be aware of when handling grievances in the workplace.

We will cover:

  • “Recent, relevant and resolvable” – limiting the scope of grievance investigations
  • The most common mistakes made by managers, and how to avoid them
  • Serial grievances – when can you say, “enough is enough”?
  • Common problems, such as grievance-related stress and absence
  • Practical tips on handling grievances when staff are working remotely
  • Alternatives to the grievance process – the use of mediation in workplace conflicts

Our webinars are aimed at HR professionals and in-house lawyers with responsibility for employment law and staff relations issues.

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