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Consumer Privacy Law Fundamentals – A Changing Landscape

Region: Americas
27 May 2021
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California’s paradigm shifting California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect January 2020, with enforcement starting July 2020. Rulemaking continues, and there are many unresolved issues, such as the scope of financial incentive requirements and when cookies and tracking and targeting are or not a “sale,” and by whom. These issues are the subject of pending enforcement actions. As of January 1, 2023, new consumer rights and corresponding business obligations will be applied to the CCPA as a result of a November 2021 ballot initiative known as the Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), on the same date Virginia’s new Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) goes into effect.

Learn how to assess your current CCPA compliance and prepare for CPRA, CDPA and other state legislation currently under consideration. In addition, learn how class action litigators are using the CPRA’s limited private right of action, and other theories, to bring a new wave of privacy litigation, and what you can do to reduce your exposure.


  • Alan Friel, Partner
  • Niloufar Massachi, Associate

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A follow-up session titled Tracking and Targeting, Mobile, Telemarketing and Other Advanced Privacy Issues – Evolving Obligations and Risks is being held on June 9.

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