Compliance Palooza 2021

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    Caesar's Palace Las Vegas
    3570 S Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

    CID Workshop

    Preparing a proper response to civil investigative demands can be critical to assuring your business stays on the right side with regulators while also assuring that important objections and defenses are not waived. Following a recent Supreme Court ruling striping the FTC of certain powers, the CID process has become more important than ever and regulators are aggressively serving CIDs to explore potential civil (and even criminal) penalties.

    In a hands-on workshop, the Squire team will walk you through how best to respond to a CID process to assure you understand the right steps before, during, and after the CID—and give you the tools you need to earn the ever-important close letter signaling that the investigation against your company has reached an end.

    Data Breach Seminar

    Companies have more data on consumers than ever before and that data is under constant attack, as the recent Colonial Pipeline hack demonstrates.

    The Palooza will offer attendees the chance to walk through a mock cyber-attack and understand the steps that are necessary to comply with the complex legal requirements that apply in this setting. You’ll learn how to prevent attacks, what to do in the midst of one, and how to prepare yourself to defend the inevitable avalanche of litigation that will follow.


    Squire is renowned for its TCPA defense capabilities and Eric Troutman will be on stage talking through the recent developments in the law. Has the Facebook decision made it safe to use dialers to call cell phones without consent? Has the Florida law made compliance impossible? What about Hunstein and the rule that collectors cannot use vendors—does that include for outbound calls? And where are we with carrier call blocking and constitutional issues?

    Palooza attendees will be treated to an open-ended TCPA discussion with great energy in a question and answer format that will assure all of YOUR questions get REAL answers.

    11.5 Hours of CLE Credit PLUS Incredible Keynotes

    Our keynote speakers include George Birnbaum—former campaign consultant and Chief of Staff for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–and Vlada Galan speaking about crisis management.

    For more details, and to register, please visit the LeadsCouncil website.