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Mandatory Vaccinations and Returning to Work – Your Obligations as an Employer in Australia During COVID-19

Region: Asia Pacific
25 August 2021
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With Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout underway and the availability of vaccines increasing, discussion is now focusing on what role vaccinations will play in the workplace going forward and what the next “return to office” phase will look like. In determining appropriate strategies, employers are faced with a number of complex legal issues to consider.

This webinar will provide an overview of the current landscape in Australia as it relates to mandatory vaccination and employees returning to the physical workplace and will help employers understand their role, responsibilities and rights in these challenging times. This session will also provide an opportunity to hear from our APAC Hub partner, Julia Yeo, on how the Australian position compares to that in other countries in the APAC region.

What Will You Take Away From the Session?

During the course of the webinar, our panel will address the following questions:

  • Can we require our employees to be vaccinated?
  • What steps can we take if an employee refuses to be vaccinated?
  • Are we able to provide incentives in order to encourage employees to be vaccinated?
  • Should we introduce a vaccination policy?
  • Can an employee refuse to return to the workplace?
  • What are some risks associated with getting it wrong?
  • What are some practical tips to help get it right?

There will also be an opportunity to participate in an interactive Q&A session.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is suitable for HR personnel, in-house legal counsel and any senior manager or business owner who is responsible for the management of Australian employees.

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