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Termination of Employment: Your Rights and Responsibilities as an Employer in Australia

Region: Asia Pacific
12 August 2021
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From long-term underperformance issues and misconduct to restructures and reducing the size of the workforce in a downturn, organisations of all sizes are often faced with the task of terminating employees. Despite the myriad situations that may lead to a decision to terminate the employment of an employee, employers should ensure that each step taken is made with reference to its obligations in the employee’s contract, the relevant legislation and any applicable modern award or enterprise agreement.

While a termination is never entirely risk free, it is crucial that employers of all sizes be equipped with an understanding of their rights and obligations to ensure the termination process is navigated in a manner that minimises exposure to a successful employee claim.

What Will You Take Away From the Session?

Our upcoming webinar will provide an overview of the legal framework underpinning termination of employment in Australia. Whether you are new to managing the termination of employees, or are just attending the webinar as a refresher, you will take away an understanding, or renewed understanding, of the following:

  • The various grounds for termination of employment
  • An overview of the unfair dismissal and adverse action regimes, including who is eligible to make a claim and the remedies available
  • What constitutes a “genuine redundancy”
  • What types of misconduct are considered “serious misconduct”?
  • How to deal with a “heat of the moment” resignation
  • Other claims that an employee may bring arising from their termination
  • Learnings from recent case law
  • Key tips and tricks for setting your organisation up to successfully defend a claim

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is suitable for HR personnel, in-house legal counsel and any senior manager or business owner who is responsible for the management of Australian employees.

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