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Skeletons in the Cupboard – Assessing Litigation Risk in Target Businesses

Region: Europe
17 March 2022

A recording of this webinar can be viewed online.

Frequent buyers and sellers of businesses will know that no business comes risk free. There will always be complications, or the odd skeleton in the cupboard, to be factored into the transaction. One of the hardest risks to quantify is threatened or existing litigation within the target business.

It can be difficult to evaluate the downside risk of a dispute being determined against a business, and the drain on resources that litigation can entail. We find this can often lead to buyers misjudging the potential impact of litigation on the target business, and protracted negotiations on how to address litigation risks identified. Sometimes it can cause acquisitions to fail entirely.

Drawing on our experience in assessing and advising on the risks of litigation, both in the transactional context and in advising on pre- and post-transaction disputes, this seminar will explore:

  • What to look for when assessing litigation risks in a target business
  • How to assess the level of risk posed by litigation or threatened litigation
  • Selecting the most suitable protection to reduce the impact of litigation on the value of your acquisition
  • As a seller, how to effectively present and explain existing litigation and litigation risks

This seminar will be of interest to institutional investors and frequent acquirers, as well as those looking to ready businesses for the sale process.

This seminar is part of a series designed to provide insight into litigation risks in M&A activity and how to manage them. Stay tuned for the following seminars coming up later this year:

  • Catering for Future Disputes in Transaction Documents
  • Buyer’s Remorse – Mitigating the Financial Consequences of a Poorly Performing Acquisition

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