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“Future-proof”: Catering for Disputes Risks in M&A Transaction Documents

Region: Europe
16 June 2022

A recording of this webinar is available online

While no one wants to think that a business acquisition might not go to plan, issues often do arise after the transaction completes. There are a range of effective mechanisms that can be negotiated ahead of time, to protect against later issues. But care is needed to ensure the protections will work well if needed after the deal is done.

This practical seminar addresses the key points to consider before agreeing the deal, to effectively regulate the post-acquisition relationship. We will cover:

  • Common future disputes risks to anticipate
  • Negotiating effective indemnity and warranty protection
  • Holdbacks and deferred consideration
  • Choosing effective dispute resolution mechanisms

This session will be of interest to institutional investors, frequent acquirers and sellers, and others involved in M&A activity.

This seminar is part of a series designed to provide insight into litigation risks in M&A activity and how to avoid and manage them.

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